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UPM Workshop 2021

On November 23, 2021, Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres and Freeforms - Imaging and Non-imaging Applications (UPM Workshop 2021) was successfully held at the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP), Chineses Academy of Sciences. The conference was…

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Virtual Workshop Series ∙ follow the light

Four Episodes ∙ Great cast ∙ LEARNINGS GUARANTEED While classic optics have reached their limits, freeform optics make the physically feasible possible. Freeform optics open up completely new possibilities for manufacturers of life science products, automation solutions, and sensor technology. fo+…

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Mahr Inc. • Metrology

Measuring freeforms and fiducials in the production chain is the specialty of the metrology player Mahr Inc. Listen to Stefan Krämer here on LinkedIn to learn more.

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Optics Balzers AG • Optical coatings

Optics Balzers AG is a top specialist for optical coatings and takes the challenge to coat freeforms as well. Stefan Jakobs knows what is crucial here. Meet him here on LinkedIn with Anke Mank from OptoNet e.V. at Photonics West.

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asphericon • Smart manufacturing


asphericon is one of the key players in fo+ and front up in manufacturing and measuring. Meet Alexander W. Zschäbitz with Anke Mank from OptoNet e.V. at Photonics West here on LinkedIn for insights.

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Highlights at Photonics West 2020

We look ahead: the fo+ alliance continues to work with high pressure on innovative freeform optics for new fields of application. Collaboration, research, tests - the exchange is lively, the experts highly motivated. The show goes on! Check out the…

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Grand opening asphericon s.r.o.

asphericon takes further step towards internationalization with subsidiary in Liberec (CZ) Liberec/Jena November 2019: After a construction period of one and a half years, the photonics company from Jena celebrated the official opening of a new production site in the…

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FREE your mind – FORM your optics

was the motto of our first public workshop at LASER -World of Photonics: We were proud to present first results of the on-going cooperation of the partners from industry and research who push the development of freeform optics for new…

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